Genoese Easter Cake Recipes

The Easter holiday is fast approaching and bakers will be looking to create a wide range of cakes in many shapes and sizes that meet consumers desires for high quality sweet products that form part of the Easter celebrations. From children’s Easter parties to family get-togethers there is scope to create an exciting range with appeal to all. Craigmillar’s Genoese mix produces a dense, even textured cake perfect for coating, decorating, colouring, dipping, and cutting to produce perfectly beautiful and unique Easter treats. From fun rainbow layered cakes or lemon flavored with seasonal white and yellow icing, to more decadent flavors with seasonal mini Easter eggs and chocolate toppings, the recipes for Genoese Easter cakes will create an unforgettable celebration.

Convenient and easy to use, bakers simply need to add oil and water to the mix to create a high quality sponge. The mix also holds colors and cocoa well, making it the perfect base for celebration cakes, gateaux, fondant fancies as well as Battenberg, Neapolitan, and chocolate cakes. It also works great for dipping and cutting! Genoese produces the highest quality cakes, so customers will be returning long after the Easter sales period.